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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 21, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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bart and muni off to a great start and ace train one from the central valley running 18 to 20 minutes with freight train traffic in the stockton area so expect delays there. we have road work still in lanes south 101 from mill valley and up and over the waldo to the northern portion of the golden gate bridge until 6:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> the man accused of murdering a 13-year-old not bay girl will answer to the charges in court this morning. family, friends and others say goodbye. amy is live at the courthouse in fairfield. amy? >> anthony lamar jones is expected to enter a plea in court today but fairfield will be focused on the victim today. there will be a public funeral for 13-year-old janell conway allen, being held at 1:00 o'clock today, at the benicia city cemetery.
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the 7th grader was missing for a day before her body was found in court. the accused killer did not enter a plea when he was in court but now he is charged with murder and they added kidnapping, rape, and lewd acts on a child. because of the special circumstances he could be sentenced to death if he is convicted. he is due in court at 8:30 this morning and is being held in jail without bail. >> thank you very much. new this morning the lead investigator in the oscar pistorius case is facing attempted murder charges of his own. we could find out today if oscar pistorius is granted bail. katie marzullo has the latest from the newsroom. yesterday was not a good day for the prosecution. >> no, bombshell and a real blow to the case and also happening right now, cnn is reporting there was a threat in the
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courtroom and the judge cleared the courtroom because of that but moments later everyone was blot back in and the judge, oscar pistorius, with no mention of the threat. on we go with the defense attorneys trying to explain away all of the key points the prosecution has been making. the prosecution trying to show the shooting was premeditated. the defense looking to show it was an accident. the defense catching a huge break. the lead investigator for the prosecution who testified that oscar pistorius should not get bail is facing seven charges of attempted murder himself. he is accused with two other officers of shooting at a bus in 2011 and his court appearance is scheduled for may. the prosecution says they did not know anything about it. on "good morning america" the legal analyst explains why this is bad news for the prosecution. >> he is absolutely crucial to the prosecution case here. he is the one who is talking about the ballistics. he is talking about how far away witnesses may have been who claim to have heard a fight
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beforehand. that is why he becomes such an important witness and now the prosecution is going to have to make the decision, do we want did keep him on the case? the defense says there is no proof oscar pistorius murdered reeva steenkamp, they say that after the shooting oscar pistorius carried her down stairs desperate to save her life and the prosecution has implied reeva steenkamp locked the door because she was hiding in fear but the defense now is saying she locked the door after oscar pistorius yelled out there was an intruder but to that the judge has asked, wouldn't reeva steenkamp have yelled out from the bathroom after oscar pistorius yelled. >> nike is suspending a contract with oscar pistorius saying oscar pistorius should be afforded due process. live in the newsroom for abc7 news i am katie marzullo. >> san francisco board of supervisors committee will consider two gun control measures today proposed by the mayor and supervisor. the san francisco chronicle reports that a measure requires
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ammunition dealers to contact the chief of police when anyone in san francisco buys more than 500 rounds in a single transaction. the other proposal would make it a crime to sell any ammunition designated only for a law enforcement or military agency. >> police in the north bay believe two other people connected to a triple homicide in sonoma are still loose. authorities have released pictures of two men who are associated of the man in custody after being arrested in alabama last week but police think he had help. three men were killed in a home in forestville on february 5th. they were trying to purchase a large amount of marijuana. sonoma county investigators have released a photo of a pickup they believe could be tied to the killing. >> woman has filed a several civil rights lawsuit against the police department of vallejo claiming the two dogs were wrongfully killed in a police stand off according to the "san francisco chronicle" and we were overhead in february when a swat team fired tear gas into a home
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rented by a 21-year-old and the tear gas start add fire that burned the home killing the two dogs inside. officers thought arm robbery suspects ran into the home following a police chase. but they were never found. she is seeking unspecified damages. >> seats design for a 360 million commuter rail project in the north bay have failed a key safety check. the sonoma and marin rail transit connects san rafael to santa rosa. official revealed the passenger seats failed a crash test. during one test stimulating 25 miles per hour crash one seat bent back and officials say the seats will be redesigned this month. >> a noon hour rally is planned at city college of san francisco today, members of the city college of san francisco coalition want the board of trust to reverse consults saying the board has refused to which you them in discussions on the accreditation and budget prizes
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that the school has been undergoing since last fall. city college director must submit a report to explain the changes and why the college remains opened. >> warmer, early this morning than yesterday but i saw a 32 up in forward. >> so, not warming up. mike? >> we had frost this morning so 32 at my house and it was just starting to freeze so there are pockets of colder weather. we will be in the mid-30's to upper 30's influence 7:00 and low-to-mid 40's from the bay not coast and a lot of sunshine with temperatures in the mid-50's with more cloud cover than yesterday but, still, a bright day with low 50's at the coach and near 60 for the rest of us and headed toward 7:00, you will not be so chilly at last evening with upper 40's to mid-50's. for friday it will be sunny and a few more clouds on saturday with temperatures in the low
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60's away from the coast and in the mid-50's and we sunday we get a warm public air at low-to-mid 60's away from the coast and upper 50's there. >> thursday morning and the commute is underway nicely in san jose. we have headlights headed northbound on 87, beyond the pavillion and it is light with in problems here and everything is moving at the little. and bart and muni on time but ace train number one has 18 to 20-minute delay start from stockton because of other freight train traffic and eastbound 580 in pleasanton we have reports of a big truck toolbox in the lanes so you could have slowing eastbound. westbound the commute direction has no problems so far. kristen and eric? >> next a bag of money is found at the bridge and what the people did who found the cash. a major expansion that makes going to school
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:12 on thursday morning. a vallejo couple is commended for honesty after turning in a bag of cash they found at vista point near the golden gate bridge on valentine's day, the couple found the black bag with
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$10,000 in $100 bills in an envelope and another $1,000 in a wallet. they decided to immediately take the money to san francisco police but it spoiled their valentine's day plans. police tracked the bag to a tour frist china who accidentally left it after the family posed for photos. the officer they specific to was shocked they were turning in the money. >> we turned it in and he said you are very good people and we felt proud of doing it. >> the tourist drove all the way to vallejo to thank them. they were not hope and he left a hand written note and invited them to stay in china and stay at his home and they are considering. >> best arches ever, for the bay area. >> a state agency that cleared out a homeless encampment caused a bigger problem, a giant tenth city that popped up a shirt distance away with homeless people putting up tents near the
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mineta san jose international airport after caltran made the homeless leave. now the city is doing what the state did not do, shut down the camp and move out the homeless. >> folks are mobile. they will move from place to place but i think we have to pay attention to it because it gets worse if it is nut -- not tended to. >> the site is near public transit and it could budget a magnet if homeless from other areas. >> good news for college students mountain view based company online education provider says 29 more schools have signed on to offer massive open online courses for free. the partners include northwestern university, national taiwan university, and they offer online classes including stanford and duke.
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>> mountain view google is holding a contest to let the winners try out for the next big thing in mobile computing, called google glass a tablet like device embedded in a pay of eyeglasses this responds to voice command rather than the town. they expect i to go on sale in the family but google will let a number of people try them out by submitting an application of 50 words or less on google plus or twitter with a hash tag "if i had glass." the deadline is wednesday. the mayor and now lieutenant governor looks good in that the winners have to pay $1,500. google will not say how many winners there are but the glasses are awarded to creative individuals. you pay $1,500 and you get to try it out? >> that is "winning"? glad we don't have a lot of contests like that. you win the lottery you pay me a million. >> sounds like an e-mail i got
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from the jury folks. >> it is cool but not so much as yesterday. we have a breeze. the winds are trying to blow change in the forecast. right now, the only thing we seed is radar return way out knee modesto with snow showers in the hire elevations to tahoe and yosemite. now, the temperatures will start at 36 at american canyon and correct crack at 37 and union city at 41 and palo alto 39, and san leandro 40, and right now a beautiful picture from mount tamalpais with the breezes shaking the camera at 2,600' with sausalito in the foreground and sausalito in the background. oakland at 41 and san jose at 40. if you are headed to santa cruz, 37 degrees. you can see we have blue sky
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today but a few more clouds than yesterday and breezy at times and the brightest day is sunday and it looks like no rain in the forecast all seven days. 87 near the pavilion in san jose and our temperatures are going to run today about three degrees warmer than yesterday in concord, san jose, and santa rosa. oakland will have 60 for a high a degree cooler than yesterday. storm track moving to the north and to the east. a few of the clouds will overrun this area of high pressure so it will be partly cloudy. but the clouds are in the upper part of the atmosphere with in rain. 61 in san jose and everyone else in the santa clara valley in the 60's and we start around 56 in millbrae and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast and in to downtown san francisco and upper 60's through low 60's through the north bay and near 60 along the east bay shore and upper 50's to low 60's in the east bay
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valley with concord at 62 degrees, the warm spot. tonight's temperature is cooler and the breezes will go away with frost forming inland again and temperatures in the let to upper 30's if the bay and the coast and upper 30's to mid-40's and the seven-day outlook more sunshine, less breezes, a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow and cooler with the cloud cover on saturday and you can see the warmest day is sunday. have a great day. >> no metering lights and traffic is slowing nicely through the toll lazy and i see blinking emergency lights ambassador -- around the first overcrossing maybe an issue but maybe it is just road work vehicles. the approach from 80 and 580 and 880 the macarthur maze flowing nicely, otherwise, just road work, eastbound dumbarton bridge until 6:00, and southbound 280 before sullivan and daly city expect road work in the lanes until 7:00 a.m. a.m.
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>> facebook is apologizing after a glitch forced a michigan woman to lie about her age online. the woman is 104 but she is
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unable to say that on facebook, her granddaughter says when she put in the birth year at 1908 they changed it to 1928. the oldest age that will show up on the page is 99. facebook says it is now working to fix the problem. >> people are live longer. in the fast paced world, cereal makers want you to have breakfast on the go. >> now the bloomberg business report. >> are you spending less now that the paycheck is lighter? according to the natural retail federation the tax hike that took affect as a result of fiscal cliff deal is leading more than 70's percent of americans to cut back on spending. it adds up. especially with gas prices rising. many are delaying major purchases like tv's and cars. >> if you don't have time to sit down and enjoy a bowl of cereal you can take it with you. general mills and circle logs are -- and kelloggs have
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breakfast to go milk-baseed drink is being tested. sony has a new play station last night, sort of, showing what the new play station can do with cloud and social media features but did not show us the actual console. gamers can see what their friends are playing and take over games from others and is on sale in time for the holiday season. >> workworkers are putting finishing touches on the float for the chinese new year parade. here is a look at floats being put together. the snake, because it is the year of the snake. and the citizens have plenty of glitter. the builders enjoy designing and make the floats and they take special care to make them sparkle under the night lights.
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>> gorgeous floats in full splendor and beautiful magical chinese jewel boxes that will be out there. >> the chinese new year parade starts at 6:00 p.m. on saturday and gets going from market and 2nd street and goes through union square and ends in china town. there is an event in redwood city city that i will emcee at courthouse square with a family friendly event. a lot going on to celebrate. >> now a check with mike for a forecast. >> so respectable. >> we are looking up at state of the union he watching it snow, a few snow showers and heavenly so friend powder with not much going on, maybe a couple of inches but it is out there and it is something new and something desperately needed. as we look to the lower elevations we have showers near modesto sliding to fresno and frizz el headed into the afternoon.
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we will have upper 50's and low 60's through the central valley and 41 headed to tahoe and sunny around los angeles and san diego and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's. >> no chain requirements in the sierra on either 50 or 80 so it is a nice time to go listen and get new snow. san rafael, by lucas valley road south we wet headlights headed southbound will go beyond the civic center with no delays and we have an ace train delay coming out of address at 25 minutes late and no other mass transit issues for you this morning. kristen and eric? >> tonight, jimmy kimmel takes on a two-year-old from kansas who is a youtube sensation making fun of the boy after he went on the "today" showed and missed all the shots. >> trick shot is here. caught your shot other day saw you said he "stinks" without editing but what he would want is to challenge you, jimmy, to a
5:24 am
game of horse. here is how it will work. you make a shot they times your height and we will see who needs editing to look good. >> i will compete with a baby. watch that. >> jimmy kimmel live airs week nights here on abc7 at the new time followed abc7 news at 11 and then "nightline." >> is prince harry in love? sorry, ladies it looks like he is off the market, the red headed royal was spotted with a new flame at an exclusive ski resort in switzerland. the two started dating in may of last year but this is the first time they have been photographed together. coming up at 7:00 "good morning america" will have a lot more on the lovebirds and relationship they are working so hard to keep a secret. >> only on abc7 news an
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exclusive interview with president obama and he is asked about proposition eight and whether the administration. ask the supreme court to overturn california's ban on same-sex marriage. >> but, first, are the oakland a's leaving the east bay? we will tell you what major league baseball has done that could pave the way for potential
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> what a beautiful morning, at 5:29. thanks for joining us. >> you going to stop there? >> i left it for you. >> what a beautiful day. 5:29. is the weather cooperating? >> it is. nice this morning as far as getting around with not having to worry about what street to want out for or breezes if the
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lower elevations. they are there in the higher elevations but not the lower elevations. you can see how dry it is on live doppler 7 hd. from mount tamalpais, it is bouncing around at 2,600' and the temperature at san jose is 40 and oakland and 37 in petaluma and livermore is 39. headed into the afternoon hours more cloud cover than yesterday, temperatures hang on in the mid-50's at the coast and near 60 for the rest of us. sue? >> thursday morning and the drive is looking good and getting busy on the san mateo bridge moving from the toll please to the flat section, a few brake lights before the high-rise but no delays or major problems moving toward the san mateo side of things. getting slow out of antioch with speeds of 35 or 36 and it picks unat pittsburg to 242 and cop cord area and still road work out there eastbound dumbarton bridge with various lanes until can this morning, another half hour. >> new this morning, big news for oakland a's fans, major
5:29 am
league baseball has given the team guidelines for potential move to the south bay. abc7 news reporter is like at san jose city hall. the key word here is "potential." right? >> potential and tentative are the words flying around downtown san jose. amendment's have -- oakland a's have plans from four years ago and now major league baseball is giving a tentative green light to play ball. sources tell "los angeles times" the baseball commissioner has provided the a's with tentative guidelines for a potential move to san jose. it doesn't mean it is a done deal. but if they can satisfy concerns of the league office the commissioner could let the club owners approve the move. the a's have pledged to pay for a $500 million ballpark in downtown san jose. major league baseball's biggest concern could be the fact the
5:30 am
giants still hold territorial rights to san jose and do not want the a's to relocate. is far no comment from the giants or the a's this morning on the big move which appears to be moving forward. we are live in downtown san jose this morning. cornell bernard for abc7 news. >> major silicon valley news, chip maker is planning a $300 million expansion in santa clara, with construction set to begin in june on a new state-of-the-art campus near the current santa clara base. this shows what it will look like, with two buildings totally a million square feet and video provided by the company known for products that enable high performance graphics in interactive computer games, thousands of employees are expected to be hired.
5:31 am
>> a major twist against olympic athlete oscar pistorius. the lead detective in the case is now facing felony charges of his own charged with murder for opening fire on a minivan of people while he was drunk. oscar pistorius is in court for the final day of the bail hearing accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, at his home on valentine's day saying he thought she was an intruder. the prosecution case unraveled yesterday after several police blunders were revealed. we will have much more on the developing story at the top of the hour. >> murdered bay area teen will be buried the same date accused killer will be in court. funeral services will be held today for the 13-year-old janell conway allen, the teen found dead at a fairfield park february 1. the funeral is held at benicia city cemetery at 1:00 o'clock today. the suspect in her murder,
5:32 am
32-year-old anthony lamar jones is scheduled to be arraigned in a fairfield courtroom and faces kidnapping, rape, and murder charges for her death. if convicted he could get the death penalty. >> santa clara man accused of threating a state senator will be in court today for a plea and bail hearing. everett basham did not enter a plea on friday. the 45-year-old is accused of e-mailing a death threat to state senator leland yee for efforts to tighten gun control laws. investigators certained his husband for four days and found let assault weapons and detonated explosives outside the home. >> police are looking for a suspected gunman after they found he was not inside a home they thought he was barricaded in. officers surrounded a house last night in berkeley and they moved in at 1:00 o'clock this morning they found the home everyonety. they looked for a man involved in an early argument where a
5:33 am
shot was fired. officers found a car connected to the christmas and took the suspected gunman's uncle into custody on a warrant. >> police are alerting residents of burglaries producing peninsula homes. in two weeks ten cities is been lit by burglars or home invasion robberies. you can see the map they are all over but yesterday an 86-year-old woman scared off a burglary who entered her home in bell minute after someone rang the bell. she got to the door no one was there but she heard a noise in the basement and went to check it out. >> she opened the door to the stairwell and the burglar was standing at the top of the stairs and both were surprised and she challenged him and asked what he was doing in the house and the burglar ran down the stairs and fled. >> police say ringing the doorbell is part of a burglar's ruse. if you answer they offer garden services and if no one answers they force their way in from the back of house.
5:34 am
the suspect is hispanic in his 30's and stocky build with a mustache and wearing a black jacket. >> this morning, redwood city police are looking for other victims in the case of martial arts instructor child with molestation on children. he worked at the same academy for a dozen years and detectives are trying to determine if he had inappropriate contact with other minors. they are looking in anyone who may have seen something. he is free on bond. aubades of pilot commissioner hear a progress report on the i'm tanker investigation that hit a bay bridge tower. there are new rules foe big ships in san francisco bay. six weeks ago the "overseas raymar" hit a bridge tower in the fog causing $3 million in damage. tankerstankers can no longer sat
5:35 am
of the bay in heavy fog. >> the obama administration is considering urging the united states supreme court to overturn california's been on same-sex marriage. dan ashley was the only bay area reporter to speak one-on-one with the president yesterday. obama raised expectations when he folk of equality if gays and lesbians during the inaugural address and dan asked the president about it. >> considered in the united states supreme court, what will your administration do when it is considered? >> the solicitor general is still looking at this and i have to make sure i'm not intersecting myself too much into the process particularly when we are not a party. my personal view is that same-sex couples should be treated like everyone else. >> the justice department has until february 28 to file a friend of the court brief. you can see the entire interview that dan conducted with the president on our website at
5:36 am >> and now how about golfing with tiger woods? >> the president said he will keep his day job. >> i wouldn't want them to trade. we will check in with mike nicco. a chilly morning. >> i would not mind working with the president if he switched with dan. for a day. it would be cool. >> send him an invite. >> good morning, everyone, the northern wind at the lower elevation, not so fast as mount tamalpais until you get over the ocean where we do not have the friction of the land, elevation change, and the trees. gusts at 20 miles per hour at half moon bay and everyone else is seven miles per hour. we are then inland and low-to-mid 40's around the bay and coast and by noon sunny and mid-50's and the clouds return in the afternoon and thicker than yesterday. temperatures in the low 50's at the coast and near 60 for the rest of us and you will node a light jacket in the evening as we hang out in the upper 40's to
5:37 am
mid-50's the as we lack ahead through the weekend, we will see mostly sunny conditions tomorrow and we will have a few more clouds for saturday but trending dry. i regretted put rain in the forecast yesterday and that is the reason why because it is trending dry. the warmest day this weekend is sunday low-to-mid 60's arrest -- away from the coast. >> 680 if the commute from pleasant hill to walnut creek is looking good southbound 680 making the turn at north main and toward the 24 junction and busy at the junction but, otherwise, smooth sailing to dublin/pleasanton. otherwise we have a car east roadway in fremont and it cleared from the lanes but this could be emergency crews to get that off of the ditch it want into southbound 880 at fremont boulevard and we still have ace train onedly 25 minutes as it heads in with train three on time out of the stockton.
5:38 am
no other mass transit problems. >> thank you. >> we are a week away from pope benedict stepping down as head of the catholic clutch and the just released poll reveal his popularity. >> reward offered to help track down a person who shot a raccoon in the bay area.
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:42. a $3,000 reward is offered in the latest shooting of an animal on the peninsula, the 12000 since december. fragmentness the body of a careen found alive but unresponsive in south san francisco on sunday lying against a cushion -- a curb. anyone with information about the shooting or the others obtains peninsula should call the humane society. a veterinarian put the animal to sleep. >> high school football coach in vallejo was fired and the school put five football coaches on leave after he report a hazing
5:42 am
incident in december. four of the coaches were re-instated but he was fired. he says it was retaliation. the school says he was dismissed because he had ultimate responsibility if the players. in the lawsuit, he says the church violated state whistle blower laws. >> this morning, we know former san francisco restaurant workers will receive settlement checks in the largest wage theft settlement. according to the city tone, a pastry in china town is paying $25,000 in back wages and penalties for forcing employees to work long hours for less than $4 an hour. the minimum wage when the case was filed was $9.92 an hour and now it is $10.55 an hour. >> the terra cotta warriors are the most popular attractions in china and you can see them in san francisco starting tomorrow. the asian art museum previewed the exhibit yesterday with the life sized figures dating back to 200b.c. made during the time
5:43 am
of the first emperor and discovered buried. more than 8,000 exist. they were to ensure the emperor's immortality. >> his dream was to transfer his material kingdom to this world to the next world. if he could not bring the real thing he created images to bring with him. >> each warrior is different and each represents a member of his army. new discoveries are on display like a crane from his park. the exhibit opens tomorrow and runs through may 27 at the asian art museum at san francisco's civic center plaza. >> the wore yours -- warriors he come to us much cleaner that flying to china and xian. >> how does it look in tahoe? >> snowy but it is moving to the
5:44 am
south and if you are leave now everything should be fine by the time you get up there. live doppler 7 hd shows wet weather slipping away from modesto and the snow is pulling away from state of the union he and headed to i don't set. now, what is going on at home 87 in santa clara valley near the shark tank in san jose, it looks clear. temperature is running 40 in san jose, and oakland is 41 and san francisco is 45. correct crack is 37 and if you leave the house soon, palo alto 41 and napa is 33. this is how it looks from the roof, the flags are moving and blowing out mainly to the southwest so we have a north to northeast wind this on the embarcardero. senator that rose is 39 and napa is 37 and fairfield is 39 and concord is 41 and los gatos 37 and gilroy 38. more cloud cover in the afternoon hours and breezes will work down from the higher elevation to our neighborhood.
5:45 am
it will be brightest and warmest on sunday the best time for outdoor activity and all seven days are going to remain dry. in san jose our 24 hour temperature change is three degrees warmer in concord and san jose and santa rosa and fremont and san francisco a degree warmer. most of us will not notice the temperature change in the afternoon. the area low pressure, the upper low that is sliding along the spine of the sierra the bulk of the wet weather stays to the northeast with the jet stream and the main track has the low undercutting it with high pressure building in and that will keep us dry. now, in the south by, 61 in san jose if a high and everyone else in the valley is near 60. headed to santa cruz, about 63 degrees today. mid-to-upper 50's along the coast and mid-to-upper 50's in millbrae and san mateo and 59 today in downtown and 59 in
5:46 am
sausalito and low-to-mid 60's through the north bay valley and headed to the east bay shoreline and the cool spot is union city and fremont at 58 and everyone else is around 59 to 60. san ramon is come at 57 but to the west of the neighbors in the low 60's and tonight, cooler with more frost inland valleys and upper 30's to mid-40's around the bay shore and to the coat. seven-day outlook is sunny tomorrow and we will see a few clouds for saturday and sunday you can see sunny and probably the warm of the day in 9 forecast until we get to wednesday. sue? >> we go now back to the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays here, no metering lights but a couple of cars stacked up in the cash paying lanes but no problems on the upper deck moving to the tunnel and san francisco, and c.h.p. trying to locate a car in fremont southbound 880 that went off the road but they have not been able to find the location. we will update that when we hear
5:47 am
from c.h.p. very slow which is typical from antioch this morning, under 20 miles per hour moving westbound on highway four. kristen and eric? >> a former senator admitted to fathering a secret love child with 9 daughter of a senate colleague, former new mexico senator pete dominici has a 34-year-old son with a former lobbyist and daughter of former in never senator paul laxalt. they is kept it a secret for more than three decades. dominici confessed because someone else was about to reveal the secret. >> poll shows the pope is leaving the post on a positive note. a new washington post/abc news poll shows 76 percent view him fairly. the pope's popularity pales compared to john paul ii would before his death in 2005 was seen favorably by 87 percent of catholics.
5:48 am
pope benedict is stepping down for health reasons next week. >> we are days away from the academy awards right here on abc seven. ahead, the closing promise the show's producers are making. a photo session for first lady and we will show you the new picture replacing this one as picture replacing this one as the official [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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>> san francisco and san jose are looked at as possible host cities if the him pick games in 2024 with leters sent to mayors of 35 cities including san francisco and san jose and sacramento among the cities but san francisco mayor and san jose mayor have said hosting the olympics is an expensivest and they have other priorities. >> on oscar nominee almost did not make it into the country for the academy awards, a palestinian filmmaker and his family were detained at lax by authority whose doubted the legitimacy of his story. his film "five broken cameras" is nominated if best documentary was held for an hour for
5:52 am
questioning. lawyers intervened from the academy awards and he was released. it sounds like "argo." >> the hot of the academy awards is teaming up with an actress for a closing musical performance after the best picture award, a "can't miss" moment and our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. with "on the red carpet" and you can see the stars arrive at 4:00 and the big she at 5:30. following the oscars we have a re-cap of the biggest moments and your after parties and jimmy kimmel's oscar special is at 10:00 followed by abc7 news at 11 and we have oscars app featuring the best access to a dozen streaming video cameras behind-the-scenes and on the red carpet with the oscars
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experience by downloading our app that is available. >> christian is -- kristen is so good and i would like to see that number from "wicked." >> he may hold his own. >> can't wait to see. the weather will be good? >> maybe he will do it in a different voice, too. not that i have ever watched the show. now, the know is sliding sideways and we will look at our radar and in the last 15 minutes or so of snow that is fall nothing that area we have rain that will fall apart headed to the south so expect some sunshine through the central valley and upper 50's to low 60's and low-to-mid 60's around san diego and los angeles and 41 in tahoe. >> the drive from novato to
5:54 am
lucas valley wood looking good with nod on the golden gate bridge, either, but slow traffic from the central valley, now, up and over the altamont pass, and you get to the dublin/pleasanton westbound 580 it picks up. kristen and eric? >> good news and bad news in the fast food craze revealing on average day 11 percent of american's food comes from fast food with young adult and blacks and obese people getting more but the figure is down from 13 percent reported a few years ago. it is expected that people could be underreporting their burgers and fries and shakes. >> there could be a biological reason why women talk more than men. a study shows women have higher levels of a protein in their brains which is the language
5:55 am
protein and laboratory animals with high levels of this protein tried to communicate more through noises than other animals with less of the protein. previous research discovered women talk he times more than women, triple the amount that machine talked, 300 percent more. i think i am in big trouble now. >> i am just trying to balance that out. >> next at 6:00, the international murder case getting more stunning by the day, the lead investigator in the oscar pistorius case is finding himself on the other side of the law. >> governor brown convinced california voters to pass a tax hike and now the impact on the poll numbers.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> our time is 5:59. i am kristen sze. >> eric thomas here. weather there. mike? >> live doppler 7 hd shows dry spell. we are in the midst of it right now which is unfortunately not yielding temperatures that should be warmer than average. we will talk about what is going to happen as we head through today. you can see it is quiet. with live doppler 7 hd. we will talk about what it will do inland, the dry spell will be clouded up but partly cloudy, a few more clouds than yesterday. temperatures are around 40, in the mid-50's at noon and upper 50's at 4:00, and clearing conditions during the evening hours at 53. inland valleys, we have forecast but not such as yesterday.
5:59 am
mid-to-upper 30's at 7:00. we will be in the mid-50's at noon and near 60 with less cloud cover then, say, around the bay especially the east bay valley with a little bit more cloud cover in the north bay and some clouds linger in the evening at 51 degrees and our final stop at the coast where we starting off at 45 degrees this morning and little breeze at noon at 53 so you can see extra clouds here and partly cloudy and low-to-mid 50's at 4:00. >> how is the commute? >> quiet. long line of headlights as you make your way westbound 80 from president reagan bridge where the 580 merges, where you find brake lights you with it is moving and you have a lot of company at the bay bridge. it is getting crowded with brick lights on the upper deck. ace train one still running at 25 minutes later headed into pleasanton and no other mass transit problem and ace train three is running on time. kristen and


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